How to Prepare for your EEG Experiment

Before you arrive to your EEG session, please ensure that you have gone over all of the questions below. On the day of the experiment, please refrain from using hair product or conditioner. Arrive at the EEG Lab at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time. A researcher will greet you at the lab and brief you on the experiment in which you are about to participate.

Before the experiment, the researcher will apply the electrode cap and facial electrodes to your head. Be sure to remove any jewelry or accessories that could get caught in the electrode wires. This process will require the researcher apply electrolyte gel to your scalp. This gel is water soluble and can be easily washed out after the experiment.

Once the gel and electrodes have been applied, the researcher will move you into the running room and connect the electrodes to the amplifier. After checking the signal coming from the electrodes, the researcher will secure the door to the running room and proceed with the experiment. During the experiment, the researcher will be able to see, hear, and communicate with you via an intercom system.

After the experiment, the researcher will remove the electrodes and debrief you. You will be given an opportunity to ask any questions and then wash the electrolyte gel out. Shampoo can be provided as well as a private shower if it is required.

Before your experiment, please go over all the following questions:

Do you have any metal implants in your body?

EEG is not affected by metal implants, and it is completely safe to participate in an EEG experiment with them.

Do you use hair products?

EEG collects electrical signals off the scalp of the participant. Hair products, such as hair gel or condition, can make it difficult to collect those signals. Therefore, we ask that you arrive at your EEG session with dry, unconditioned hair.

Do you regularly wear a hairpiece, wig, or toupee?

If so, you will have to remove the item before an electrode cap can be placed. Therefore, it is recommended that you arrive without the item on the day of the EEG session.

Do you braid your hair?

Braided hair can make it difficult for the electrodes to make contact with the participants scalp. We ask that you arrive at your EEG session with unbraided hair. If you are unable to remove your braids or would prefer not to, please reach out to your researcher before your scan session and inform them of your concern.

Do you wear jewelry?

Large earrings can be uncomfortable when wearing an electrode cap. It is recommended that you remove all earrings before the session. You will have the opportunity to remove earrings before the EEG session, but it is recommended to be sure that all items are easily removable before your EEG session.

Our EEG Lab is located in room C27A, on the bottom floor of the Princeton Neuroscience Institute building. The map below has been provided for your convenience.