The EEG Lab is located on C level of the Princeton Neuroscience Institute in room C27A. It houses an ActiveTwo Biosemi EEG System, a high impedance system capable of collecting in a 64-Channel and 128-Channel configuration. The EEG Lab is comprised of two rooms: a running room and a control room. The running room is electrically shielded to prevent noise contamination during data acquisition. It is equipped with two ceiling mounted speakers, EEG compatible air earphones to deliver auditory stimuli, and a 120Hz 1080p display for visual stimuli. Various devices are available to the subject for behavioral responses. The configuration of the running room can be changed to accommodate sleep studies.

The EEG lab is also equipped with two means of electrode digitization: a Polhemus Fastrak System and an NDI Polaris optical system. Both devices can be used to digitize electrode positions into 3D space.

PNI researchers interested in obtaining more detailed information regarding our EEG Lab should visit our internal Scully Facilities Wiki.