How to Prepare for your MRI Simulator Experiment

The MRI Simulator is used to simulate the noises and environment of our MRI scanners. However, there is no magnetic field in the MRI simulator, and no brain images are collected by the simulator. During the experiment, you will be asked to lay down on a mechanical bed before being moved into the 60cm cylindrical bore of the simulator. As noise in the bore can be loud, earplugs will be provided beforehand. 

Please go over the following questions before your experiment:

Are you at all claustrophobic?

The MRI simulator can feel small for those with claustrophobia or anxiety of tight spaces. The simulator’s bore is a cylinder with a maximum diameter of 60cm. If the prospect of laying in a tight, enclosed space makes you nervous at all, please reach out to your researcher before your session and inform them of your concern.

Are you also planning to participate in an MRI experiment?

It is recommended that your also go over the questions on the How to Prepare for your MRI Experiment page. This page will prepare your for your upcoming scan session as well.

Do you have any issues with loud environments?

The MRI simulator can be very loud, as it simulates the noises of an MRI machine. Hearing protection will be provided. Please inform your researcher if you have any concerns before your session.

Our MRI simulator is located in room C23, on the bottom floor of the Princeton Neuroscience Institute building. The map below has been provided for your convenience.