Our Faculty

The Scully Center supports faculty members affiliated with the Princeton Neuroscience Institute or the Psychology Department. Below is a list of faculty members who have used Scully Center facilities in their research.

Jonathan Cohen

Research: Neural mechanisms of cognitive control.
Cohen Lab Website

Nathaniel Daw

Research: Reward, learning, and decision making.
Daw Lab Website

Michael Graziano

Research: Brain Basis of Consciousness.
Graziano Lab Website

Jesse Gomez

Research: Human cognitive neuroscience and brain development.
Gomez Lab Website

Uri Hasson

Research: Assess shared and idiosyncratic aspects of the cortical response time courses across individuals.
Hasson Lab Website

Sabine Kastner

Research: Neural mechanisms of visual perception and attention.
Kastner Lab Website

Elizabeth Margulis

Research: The interface between musical structure and engagement, as it occurs dynamically across the course of the listening experience.
Margulis Lab Website

Yael Niv

Research: Human and animal reinforcement learning and decision making.
Niv Lab Website

Kenneth Norman

Research: Cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory.
Norman Lab Website

Diana Tamir

Research: Thoughts, cognitive processes, and behaviors that occur at the place where our internal world meets the external social world.
Tamir Lab Website

Jordan Taylor

Research: Computational processes involved in learning and retaining motor skills.
Taylor Lab Website

Natalia Vélez

Research: Cognitive capacities and community dynamics that make human collaboration possible.
Vélez Lab Website